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The Goodness of Giving

Generosity. Gifts. Giving.

It’s the time of year when we all feel a desire and a pull to do more for others.

Even for those of us who have made giving a lifestyle, during the holiday season, we feel even more inspired—and obligated—to do even more.

Whether it’s to show gratitude to that person whose support meant so much this year or to give an unexpected blessing to someone who we know could use a helping hand, giving is always an opportunity to share the fruits of our success and to serve. As we’re remembering the people we love, let’s also remember the places we love. And for all of us, HU is one of those places.

When we think of giving to our alma maters, often, we dream of writing a check that rivals the rich. We tell ourselves that until we can give multi millions (if that is less than what we can donate today) that what we do have to give won’t really make a difference.

But the truth is the numbers before the decimal point don’t determine the impact of the gift.

While Howard University regularly receives gifts from our alumni community and supporters at all levels, the gifts that don’t make the news still make a difference. Every contribution you make to Bison Express is a seed in the soil of our university, athletic programs, and student-athletes who make those championship-level programs possible. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to gift a sprinter van to one of our programs, provide new uniforms for HU cheerleaders and the swim team, and so much more.

If you need more inspiration, here are three reasons why giving is a good idea:

Giving does your heart good. There are several studies that show a direct link between generosity and a reduction in stress and anxiety. So that rush of endorphins that you feel when you help someone else isn’t in your imagination. When we do good, we actually feel good.

Giving does your legacy good. There are many ways to leave a legacy and giving back to the institutions that have been instrumental in our success is one of them. Beyond our personal legacies, as alumni, Howard’s legacy is now in our hands. What we give today determines what our student athletes can do tomorrow.

Giving does your taxes good. Donations to organizations may be tax-deductible. Ask your tax advisor for guidance on the financial and tax benefits of your contributions.

If contributing to Bison Express has been on your “someday” list, make that day today. There has never been a better time to give.

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