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Bison Express "Gimme $10" Campaign Needs Your Help Now!

Our "Gimme $10" Campaign for Athletic Support is facing a serious shortfall, and we cannot afford to let this happen. We ask for your immediate support to make a real difference in the lives of our student-athletes.

Why Your Immediate Action Matters

Our student-athletes depend on your generous contributions to thrive and succeed. The "Gimme $10" Campaign was designed to provide them with essential resources, but we are falling short of our target. Without your immediate action, we risk not being able to provide them with the critical support they need to excel.

What's on the Line

  1. Student-Athlete Well-being: Your donations fund supplemental nutrition supplies, health services, and vital equipment. Without these resources, our athletes' well-being and performance are compromised.

  2. Inspiration and Motivation: The campaign enables us to bring in motivational guest speakers and HU alumni who inspire our student-athletes to reach their full potential. Your contribution ensures they receive this crucial motivation.

  3. Competitive Edge: Hardware/software products, bowling balls, and practice times at off-campus venues are essential for our teams to compete at their best. Falling short in funding jeopardizes their competitive edge.

  4. Transportation and Access: Covering transportation costs ensures our athletes can represent Howard University at competitions near and far. Your donation directly supports their access to these opportunities.

Take Action Now: Every Minute Counts

We cannot emphasize enough how urgent this situation is. To join the "Gimme $10" Campaign and make a real impact today, please visit our dedicated donation page Your immediate action can turn the tide and help us reach our goal.

Spread the Word

We also encourage you to spread the word among your fellow alumni, friends, and family. Together, we can rally the Bison Express community to ensure our student-athletes have the support they need to excel.

Don't wait. Act now. Your $10 or more can make all the difference. Let's come together as a Bison family and show our unwavering support for our student-athletes.

Thank you for your immediate action and commitment to our shared mission. Together, we can ensure the success of the "Gimme $10" Campaign and the continued excellence of our Bison Express- Howard University community.

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