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Bison Express Gimme 10 campaign

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Howard University's women's indoor 2023 MEAC championship. Photo via MEAC sports

A few months ago, Bison Express started the Gimme $5 campaign. An initiative aimed at generating more money for the Howard University athletic department that challenged the Howard community to donate $5. Now, nearly 90 days later, Bison Express is asking its community to show up for the athletic program once again and donate $10 and participate in improving the Howard University athletic program. On August 10th, Bison Express shall commence the Gimme 10 campaign.

The Gimme 5 campaign raised $3,000. Bison Express wants to increase that number with its Gimme 10 campaign. As always, people can donate more. But part of the reason the initiative asks for $10 is that everyone can participate. Howard’s athletic program delights and represents the entire university. Bison Express wants to include everyone in helping to support them. The Howard athletic program is more than a compilation of competition. More than an amass of athletes and a preponderance of points. Howard University sports offers a symbol for the university to rally around and support.

And there has been lots to support recently regarding the Howard athletics program. As the football team gears up to start its season on September 1st against Eastern Michigan, it will be attempting to defend its co-MEAC championship it won last season. The men’s swimming and diving program won its first NEC conference championship in school history. Howard women’s indoor track and field team won the MEAC championship, and the men’s basketball program represented the school in the men’s NCAA tournament for the first time since 1992.

The athletic program has given Howard plenty to cheer for, now it’s time to do more than cheer to support these athletes and coaches. The more we give, the more we all get. Things like new jerseys, physical treatments for the players, and team equipment will all be subsidized by contributions to the Bison Express. Be a part of the larger HU athletics team and join in on the Gimme $10 campaign.

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