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Bison Express launches “Gimme $5” Campaign for Athletic Support

Who: Your donation goes directly to the athletes and sports programs:

· Supplemental nutrition supplies

· Health Services (chiropractic, yoga, cold therapy)

· Motivational guest speakers

· Hardware/software products

· Bowling Balls

· Practice times at off-campus venues

· Transportation costs

· Consumable items that our athletics need frequently and annually

What: Donate just $5 (or as much as you’d like)

When: Gimme $5 immediately and $10 within the next 90 days between April 1, 2023 and July 1, 2023.


or mail to

Bison Express

c/o Department of Athletics

Howard University 601 Girard Street, NW Washington DC 20059

Why: Our fabulous athletes deserve our support! Gifted Howard University Programs have been winning and gaining national attention:

· You’ve seen the swimming and diving program on all the local and national new sites due to their monumental exploits.

· The women’s volleyball team is so good they are expected to win the MEAC conference then the NCAA tournament.

· The women’s basketball team are again MEAC finalists.

· The men’s basketball team is the MEAC conference champion and tournament winner. Fantastic!

· The women’s softball team has historic game at UCLA.

· The women’s track and field won the MEAC Indoor Championship.

· To continue this excellence and continuation of championship play one must have an investment from all who love the University - students, staff, alumni, community, and friends of HU.

· Your contribution of this small amount will do monumental things for Athletics.

The athletic program moves forward when you contribute, please consider

“Gimme $5!”

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